Arizona in June


While majority of people in Japan still do not have access to Covid-19 vaccinations,
our engineers in Arizona had the privilege to get two dose shots already,
which brought them immense relief along with a short fever.
Finally ready to savor the outside world.
The spiritual beauty of Sedona vortexes sure was overwhelming!











アメリカ最強のパワースポット セドナは大迫力の絶景!

The powerful and healing energy was fully packed in TKA helmet to be delivered to our team back in Japan.

Also enjoyed cowboy action shooting in Tombstone,
famous western movie location “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral”.
By the way, did you know that “OK corral” is a psychology word to
identify relationship between others in terms of satisfaction?
  I am OK, You are OK
  I am OK, You are not OK
  I am not OK, You are OK
     I am not OK, You are not OK
Sometimes you’re “OK”  but others might not, vice versa.
 “I’m OK and you’re OK” is the best field  in this identification term but
We always do our very best hoping “Both clients and we are happy!”
6/18 最高気温119℉(48℃)…