TKA is borne to promote Japan’s mass product manufacturing capability and skills to the rest of the world, and to incorporate any new key manufacturing elements into ongoing technology development. For example, our automotive Body In White dimensional integration support and manufacturing productivity Kaizen improvement have been and are being well-received by automotive OEMs and their component suppliers spread out in Americas, China and Asia for long lasting business relationship. As a hybrid enterprise with engineering and business matching functions for global insight, we are all looking forward to an earliest opportunity of assisting you in further growth.

Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile


TKA corporate emblem three blobs represent tripartite collaboration including small one which is us as connector media. TKA is committed to encouraging manufacturing business interests to find new partner over the world for proactive diversification and growth with global competitiveness in the coming cross-border period of time.


ティーケイ&アソシエーツ株式会社 TK & associates, inc.

電話番号 Telephone

日総第13ビル3階 [地図]

2-5-1 Shin Yokohama
Kohoku, City of Yokohama
Kanagawa 222-0033 Japan [Access Map]

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