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Phase 3 - Launching

Body In White Dimensional Quality Development Metal Match Slow Build Root-cause Assessment


Single part quality plays an important part of BIW dimensional integrity but cannot be perfected within time and budget constraints. It is therefore necessary to trace root cause backward from body to subassembly to detail stamping for correct realistic tolerance distribution.



Reverse engineering analysis using offline ‘Screw Body’ part coordination study and/or online ‘Metal Match’ slow build exercise is our recommendation to prioritize effective counter-measures per proper root-cause identification.

Metal Match Exercise Process Sample



Metal Match learning consists of various manufacturing elements such as die corrective actions, assembly tooling adjustments, datum coordination revision, weld point sequence optimization and retolerance proposals. Leaning contents vary depending upon when the exercise is held during launch period of time. Initial focus is normally set on driving dies to nominal and tolerance change can be only allowable during homeline phase. In most of the cases, 300 to 500 learning items are shared with stakeholders per any one launch.