MEUサービス – 量産 
MEU Technical Services – Operation

Phase 4 - Post SOP Operation

Productivity Improvement Organizer during Post
SOP Mass Production Period



Productivity improvements per our Japanese lean production principle and practice are part of our key pieces of technical services for automotive OEMs, parts vendors and any other industrial manufacturing entities.


Our MEU experts visit shop floor first for initial study to define benchmarking and priority on Kaizen targets. Awareness by shop floor team workers and their management is the first step toward efficient PDCA cycle of Kaizen continuous improvement activities.

Kaizen Target Item Examples:

  • 材料歩留り向上
    Material Yield Ratio Improvement
  • 直行率向上
    First Time Quality Upgrade – Rework Elimination
  • 金型段取時間短縮
    Die Set-up Time Compression – Press Downtime Minimization